EPISTAR Full Spectrum LED Chips Recognized Internationally

Due to the pandemic, the LED industry has become the center of attention because of its UVC products with sterilization and anti-toxic effects. However, besides UVC products, infrared (IR) in the LED wavelength is often applied on medical products as well. The demand for infrared LED has continued to grow in recent years because the major international brands have released smartwatches with medical monitor functions. Now, because of the impact of the pandemic, people pay more attention to their health and the medical field, so that the demand for infrared applications is expected to increase.

Infrared is invisible light, so it will not affect one another with ambient light sources; it is also a wavelength with high biological responses, therefore its application range is quite wide. It was first applied on remote controls, touch controls of monitors, surveillance cameras and smoke detectors and now it is often applied on license plate recognition and medical monitoring systems; these are all infrared LED products. In addition, the development of 5G and AI also drove the demand for infrared sensing system applications in IoT human-machine interactive devices. Compared to the simple sensing that only required switches in the past, IoT human-machine interactive devices require smarter applications that only require biometric sensing to identify the needs of different users. In order to achieve such purpose, infrared LED becomes a necessary component, and infrared with wavelengths greater than 1000nm are also important light sources.

With the strengthening of health awareness and development of smart cities, the application range of infrared continues to expand, but actually there aren’t many companies around the world that can provide high-quality infrared LED chips; there are even fewer with product lines that can satisfy long wavelength of over 1000nm or more. A major LED brand in Taiwan – EPISTAR is one of them. EPISTAR is one of the few companies around the world that can provide full spectrum LED chips product Lineup,it has spent years of effort working on and distributing infrared products. Its products are affirmed and adopted by many well-known international brands because of the quality of the products and the complete wavelengths; it is believed that EPISTAR will become one of the beneficiaries with the engine of future market demands.