Historical Dividend

Dividend Policy:

1. The Company executes the stable dividend policy. The Company would take the overall operation into consideration, retain adequate cash, and recognize 10% legal reserve or special reserve; thereafter,  the retained earnings, if any, will be allocated on an annual basis under no special circumstances. The dividends shall be allocated no less than 20% of the earnings after tax for the given year.

2. The Board of Directors is authorized to resolve whether or not the earnings of the given year would be allocated. If the resolution is to allocate cash dividends, the distribution would be completed within 30 days after the ex-dividend record date.

Period BOD Record
2022 2023.02.23 - -
2022Q1 2022.05.05 - -
2021Q4 2022.03.28 2022.06.22 2022.06.16
2021Q3 2021.11.10 - -
2021Q2 2021.08.12 - -
2021Q1 2021.05.13 - -
Cash Dividend
Earnings Capital surplus Payment Date
- - -
- - -
2 0 2022.07.14
- - -
- - -
- - -
Stock Dividend
Earnings Payment Date
- -
- -
- -
- -
- -
- -


Q: On what stock exchange is Ennostar's common stock traded? What is the ticker symbol?

A: Listed in 2021, Ennostar's common stock is traded on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) under the ticker symbol 3714.

Q: What is Ennostar's fiscal year?

A: The fiscal year ends on December 31.

Q: How can I obtain Ennostar's latest financial statements??

A: To view Ennostar's financial statements, please click[here]

Q: When is Ennostar's Annual General Shareholders' Meeting?

A: For more information about Ennostar's AGM, please click [here]

Q: How often are Ennostar’s earnings released?

A: Ennostar publishes the non-audited revenue of the previous month before the tenth day of each month. For the quarterly financial statement, please click [here]

Q: When do Ennostar release its financial statements?

A: According to securities and exchange regulations in Taiwan, the financial information for the first and third quarters must be filed before the end of the following month. For the half year report, relevant information must be filed within two months of the end of half year, and for the annual report, four months within the end of the year. Please refer to more information below:
Quarter 1 - Before end of April, same year
Half - Before end of August, same year
Quarter 3 - Before end of October, same year
Annual - Before end of April, following year

Q: How can I contact Ennostar's shareholder services agent?

A: If you have any questions concerning your common shares, please contact Horizon Securities
Tel:+886 2 2326-8818
Address:3rd Floor, No. 236, Section 4, Xinyi Road, Taipei, Taiwan