Lextar UVC technology helps to upgrade epidemic prevention with complete disinfection

Hsinchu, Taiwan –February 9, 2022– 

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the demand forsterilization has surged, and the application of UVC LED has become morediverse. Lextar, a subsidiary of Ennostar Inc., launched comprehensive UVC LEDsterilization integrated solutions with over 99.9% of sterilization efficiency.


Lextar can offer full-band UVC products from255nm to 285nm with different emitting angles to satisfy various sterilizationdemand and these products have been used on home appliances. In the applicationof air sterilization, Lextar provides the sterilization modules in airconditioning combining with the air outlet system, accepted by the Top 3Japanese air conditioning/ purifier brands and major home appliancemanufacturers in EU and USA. The surface sterilization solution is used by therobot vacuum, kitchen and sanitary ware manufacturers in Europe. As for watersterilization, the start-up brands in EU and USA have used Lextar’s UVC modulein static sterilization and faucet in dynamic sterilization to provide saferwater supply.


In addition to being used in consumerelectronic products, Lextar’s high-power UVC products are also suitable forcrowded places which require long-term bacteriostatic suppression such asmedical or research institutes and public places. The high-power UVC airconditioning sterilization module which is co-developed with Future TaiwanAdvanced Electronics Pte Ltd. has been applied to the negative pressure wardsof Taiwan medical institutions now. The advantages of concentrated light andnon-diffusion are beneficial to increase sterilization efficiency which canmeet the requirement of zero count of colonies detected * and clean air at thesame time to reduce the risk of infection and improve patients’ hospitalizationquality.


Lextar has been engaged in UVC areas for years,and the sterilization efficiency has been certified by third parties andapplied to customers. In order to provide a safer and healthier life, Lextarwill keep investing in increasing the popularization of UVC disinfectiondevices and upgrading epidemic prevention with new technology.

* The detection method of colony count

To turn on UVC LED light by the airconditioning outlet in the negative pressure ward (space volume 75.1m 3, supplyair volume: 611 CMH) with the test condition CFU/1 hour and 90mm petri dish.