Ennostar Group is Proud to Announce That All Subsidiaries Receive ISO 14064-1:2018 Green Gas Emission Certification

With the global trends of carbon reduction, EPISTAR, Lextar, and Unikorn, subsidiaries ofEnnostar group, have introduced ISO 14064-1:2018 and received certification bythe British Standards Institution (BSI). Action speaks louder than words.Ennostar group striking the balance between economic growth and environmentalprotection, supports the global climate action and implementation of corporatesustainability.


At the same time, 2022 is also a crucial milestone for Ennostar. Weestablish an ESG office and committee to speed up various ESG works. Subsidiarieshave been paying attention to ESG for many years, especially environmentalprotection. For example, EPISTAR has acted as a greenhouse gas (GHG) inventorypioneer and completed 14 times verification in this period. Lextar has begunintroducing external third-party inspections of greenhouse gases this year and hasbeen certified for the first time! Moreover, Lextar has alsoconstructed solar energygenerating systems in Hsinchu and Zhunan. As of 2022,solar power generation is up to 577.89KWp. It is worth noting that Unikorn, establishedin 2018, also received certification in less than one year of preparation. Allthe subsidiaries have put in a great deal of effort to acquire ISO 14064-1:2018green gas emission certification.


In line with the government’s 2050 net zero emissions goal, Ennostargroup is actively introducing greenhouse gas inventory in parent company, and set short-term, medium-term, and long-term targets for GHG management. We look forward to uniting more resources to reduce theenvironmental impact in all aspects. In addition, Ennostar group is graduallyprocuring green electricity contracts and other green electricity certificatesand formulating green electricity policies. The aims are to achieve the RE100goal in non-production sites by 2030 and the RE100 goal across the entire Groupby 2050 to create our exclusive ESG way!