Ennostar Selected as a Constituent Stock of the TWSE RA Taiwan Employment Creation 99 Index in Its Second Year of Establishment

Established in 2021, Ennostar Inc. was selected as a constituent stock of the TWSE RA Taiwan Employment Creation 99 Index in its second year. Ennostar upholds a human centered management, fully demonstrates its concern for employees’ rights and interests, provides comprehensive employee benefits, realizes corporate sustainable responsibility, creates a friendly workplace, and safeguards employees’ human rights.

Since its establishment in 2021, Ennostar has continued to pay attention to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues from the corporate perspective, regard employees as valuable assets, and create a positive workplace with practical actions. In response to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 8, Ennostar commits itself to building a harmonious working environment and creating a working atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. Through a variety of employee welfare programs, Ennostar provides comprehensive care for the physical and mental health of employees, helps them maintain work-life balance, and improves their overall quality of life. Moreover, employees are encouraged to participate in charity and social inclusion activities, creating the social impact of “well-being” from the inside out, internalizing ESGs into the corporation's culture and spirit, and creating sustainable cohesiveness among colleagues. Ennostar recruited nearly 1,800 new employees in 2021, which accounts for employee ratio of 33.46%. Ennostar fulfills corporate social responsibilities by providing quality job opportunities. Being selected as a constituent stock of the TWSE RA Taiwan Employment Creation 99 Index launched by the Taiwan Stock Exchange demonstrates Ennostar’s determination to work toward best workplace. It shows that maintaining a harmonious relationship with the locality in employee recruitment is also an invisible affirmation and encouragement.

In the future, Ennostar will continue to fulfill its responsibilities to employees, create a transparent and positive workplace, enrich employees with training and growth, and improve employees’ professional knowledge and skills. In addition, Ennostar will also lead its employees to jointly invest in sustainable development actions. While expanding its business, Ennostar will also internalize the concept of ESGs in daily life and make them a part of its DNA to create higher corporate value.