Ennostar Actively Advocates Trade Secret Protection, Consolidating the Technological Leadership of Taiwan’s Industry

EnnostarInc. was founded in 2021. Despite its relatively recent establishment, thecompany’s subsidiaries recognized the urgency of trade secret protection and establishedan internal trade secret committee as early as 2018 to actively advocate tradesecret protection. They also found relevant operating procedures and introducedvarious policies. Moreover, Ennostar has recently optimized the trade secretmanagement system and institution, consolidating the technological leadershipof Taiwan’s industry.

 Over the years, Ennostar has continuouslyinvested resources to facilitate intellectual property management andcontribute to the promotion of environmental, social, and governance (ESG)practices. The company has endeavored to create a climate and culture forinnovation, safeguard the work products delivered by its employees, protecttrade secrets, and enhance its overall competitiveness. Through awell-developed intelligent management mechanism, Ennostar helps enterprisesconstruct trade secret systems, reinforce intellectual property concepts, andpractice preventive measures in an efficient manner. The company has beenactively engaged in discussingand developing trade secret protection strategies, thereby building a solidfoundation. By launching relevant campaigns, implementing education andtraining programs, and conducting legislation advocacy, Ennostar aims to draw increased attention toward trade secret protection.

Ennostarwill continue to follow up on the agenda of trade secret protection, popularizeintellectual property concepts within the group, and undertake practical measuresto increase its competitiveness and respond to ESG goals, with a view to enhanceits overall value and maintain its position as the leading technologicaldevelopment company in the industry.