Ennostar Announces High-Level Appointment

Ennostar Inc. (“Ennostar” or the “Company”) today (May 31) announces high-level personnel change that the Board of Directors appoints Mr. Shuang-Lang (Paul) Peng as Chairman and President of Ennostar while Dr. BJ Lee is going to retire at the same time. The new personnel change takes effect immediately.

While being Chairman and President of Ennostar, Mr. Peng is also Chairman and Group Chief Strategy Officer (Group CSO) of AUO, the largest shareholder of Ennostar. As Chairman of AUO, he has led AUO Group to reposition in the panel industry, apply technologies to diversified applications and become innovative solution supplier with precise and long-term strategic management. Moreover, Mr. Peng has also successfully accelerated ESG development and smart manufacturing of AUO Group and integrated group resources to boost its operation efficiency with the core value, “One AUO.”

In his new role as Chairman and President of Ennostar, Mr. Peng will lead Ennostar Group to be “The No.1 Investment Platform for Compound Semiconductors” and dedicate to developing “next-generation display”, “automotive”, “sensing”, “special lighting” and “new-generation compound semiconductors” with perceptive market insight and better management on supply chain. Especially, Taiwan’s Micro LED supply chain holds a crucial position in the industry, while Ennostar plays an important role in it. In the critical timing of entering Micro LED mass production, Mr. Peng will strengthen supply chain integration and closeness and guide the Company and its partners to speed up the path to success.

In addition to technology and market development, taking reference from AUO’s successful synergy experience, Ennostar will stimulate the integration of group resources and platforms, enhance the group efficiency, maximize the group benefits and proceed towards the group’s common development goals with the spirit of “One Ennostar.”

The Board of Directors also appoints Dr. Terry Tang as Chairman of Lextar, a subsidiary of Ennostar, while Dr. David Su is going to step down simultaneously. Ennostar Group sincerely appreciates leadership and support from Dr. BJ Lee, the founder of EPISTAR, and Dr. David Su, the founder of Lextar, over the years. They have made enormous contribution to the group and the LED industry with professional technical background and insightful strategic management. In 2021, in responding to the intense competition around the world, EPISTAR and Lextar integrated resources and founded Ennostar to provide total solutions with flexibility to meet customers’ expectations. Considering alternation of generations and the industry development, Dr. BJ Lee and Dr. David Su officially step down after wrapping up their works in the initial stage of the group development and pass the torch to the newly appointed management team in the third year of the establishment of Ennostar. In the future, Dr. BJ Lee and Dr. David Su will continue to offer consultations and supports to work for the group development together as advisors.

Besides driving the group integration, Mr. Peng along with the Board of Directors will support and oversee ESG strategic direction and smart enterprise implementation, enhance enterprise resilience constantly and develop innovative technologies, and put the goal of being “The No.1 Investment Platform for Compound Semiconductors” into effect eagerly.