Ennostar won “MAPECT TAIWAN M&A AWARDS 2021” for its great industrial collaboration and resource integration

“MAPECT Taiwan M&A AWARDS” has been held over a decade and these awarded companies are regarded as the successful milestones in resource integration. Ennostar-the holding company founded by EPISTAR and Lextar through share swap was awarded in the intense competition from 258 projects this year.

Focusing on the rapid development of mini/micro LED display as well as the booming next-generation compound semiconductor market, the establishment of Ennostar sets a high standard for industrial collaboration and resource integration by EPISTAR and Lextar in listed company in Taiwan this January. Ennostar expects to get a head start on future trends and demand with the benefits of vertical integration, specialized field and close strategic  partnership.

The integration is proceeded on schedule and will be finalized by the end of 2022.Ennostar expects to demonstrate the achievement and become the best investment platform of the compound semiconductor industry to enhance its international competitiveness for shareholders, customers, consumers, employees and other stakeholders to create higher value by then.