Ennostar Pursues Green Manufacturing Goals with Actions of Water Resource Management

Due to climate change impacts, development and management of water resources have become issues of concern for both external and internal stakeholders.  Ennostar Group actively promotes various measures and utilizes the PDCA process (shown in the figure below) to implement management and enable more effective utilization of water resources.

Taking Ennostar subsidiary EPISTAR as an example, EPISTAR has conducted various water-saving programs such as the wastewater diversion improvement project and the deposition cleaning water recycling pipeline project, reducing water usage by 1.05% in 2022 [1] and achieving annual water saving targets; average water intake rates per unit of production capacity were also reduced by 3% compared with the previous year [2]. In addition to reducing water usage, EPISTAR also actively promotes water resource recycling. A total of 2,255.22 million liters of water was recycled in 2022 under our drainage recycling project and other projects. Recycled water amounted to 53.26% of total water withdrawal volumes.

Additionally, EPISTAR has also gradually expanded development of diversified water sources. EPISTAR began signing annual contracts with water truck companies starting in 2022. Water trucks can be used to deploy water resources during extreme periods of water shortage and ensure water supplies. Once water conditions reach warning levels, the water resource management team will respond in accordance with standard operating procedures, initiating water restriction plans and remaining attentive to changes in water conditions. In 2022, EPISTAR used around 1 million liters [3] of water from alternative sources while also actively planning to integrate desalinated sea water, reclaimed water, and other alternative water sources to stabilize the Group's water sources.

Looking to the future, we continue strengthening our management of water resources. For instance, we have developed strategies for expansion of diverse water sources. We plan to continue participating in government-organized plans, using and purchasing water from the Hsinchu Desalination Plant and Anping Reclaimed Water Plant in the Southern Taiwan Science Park. We also plan to invest NT$ 15 million in equipment upgrades, which are expected to reduce unit production area (m2) wastewater volumes by 34%. With the actions of water resource management, Ennostar is committed to pursuing environmental sustainability and making a positive impact on our industry.

[1] Base year set as 2021

[2] The base value for 2021 was 86 m3/m2

[3] Water supplied by water trucks is sourced from ground water